Artemia Replacement Diet
(200-400 microns)



Artemia replacement diet
(co-feeding with enriched Artemia nauplii)
during pre-weaning stage.

Particle Size

95% in the range of 200-400 microns.


Very fine powder, orange to light brown in color.

Physical Properties

Bioencapsulated, natural larva diet.
High attractability, excellent buoyancy & water column distribution. High water stability.
Improved nutritional value based on
natural ingredients.
Excellent digestibility & assimilation
rate by the larva.

Feeding Stage

Artemia Stage.

Feeding Regime

50-100 ppm REPLACE III per day,
distributed continuously by
automatic feeders and by hand.


Keep the product in the refrigerator (5-10°C).
Avoid moisture. Once opened,
consume the product within one week.


5 kg aluminium vacuum bag,
with an oxygen absorber, into a bucket.
This high quality packing keeps
the product fresh all the time.



  • Marine zooplankton
  • Artemia biomass
  • Algae extract
  • Algae powder
  • Growth promotors

Nutritional Value (average value)

Protein:  58%
Lipids: 18%
Carbohydrates:  8%
Minerals: 10%
Moisture: 6%


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