Phytoplankton Replacement Diet
(below 2 microns)



Phytoplankton replacement diet, in the larva rearing tank, for the green water technique.

Particle Size

Below 2 microns.


Very fine powder, black in color.

Physical Properties

Freeze dried algae extract.
It is completely dissolved in the water,
provides a moderate brown color
in the water medium of the
larva rearing tank.

Feeding Stage

Rotifer Stage.

Feeding Regime

10 ppm REPLACE 0 per day, divided into two portions.

Food Preparation

REPLACE 0 needs to be pre-dissolved into
a bucket with water before distribution.
In a bucket with water add 100-200 g
REPLACE 0 per litter of water.
Mix it at a fast speed blender for 2-3 minutes.
Feed directly.


Keep the product at room temperature (20°C).
Avoid moisture. Once opened,
consume the product within one month.


5 kg plastic bag into a bucket.



  • Algae extract

Nutritional Value (average value)

Protein: 10%
Lipids: 2%
Carbohydrates: 45%
Minerals: 35%
Moisture: 8%

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