Rotifer Culture Diet
Plus Freeze-Dried Chlorella



Rotifer Culture Diet.

Particle Size

Below 20 microns.


Very fine powder, green in color.

Physical Properties

Fine powder, green in
color due to the incorporation of freeze
dried Chlorella.
100% water suspendable.
It is ideal for feeding rotifers.
The product does not pollute the water
due to its excellent water stability.

Feeding Regime

Day 0: 800-1.000 R/ml, 25-30°C
Day 0: 0.40 g/106Rot
Day 1: 0.35 g/106Rot
Day 2: 0.30 g/106Rot
Six feedings per day of freshly
prepared food.
Rotifers should be adapted for 3-6 days
to this food before the real rotifer
growth is expressed.
If you further need to improve your
rotifer growth rate and fertility, add 30 ppm (n-3)
TOP RICH in one feeding
(mixing properly with water in a fast speed blender, following the instructions).

Food Preparation

In a bucket with water add 100-200 g M0 PLUS
per litter of water.
Mix it in a fast speed blender for 3-4 minutes.
Feed directly.


Keep the product in the refrigerator (5-10°C).
Avoid moisture. Once opened, consume
the product within two weeks.


10 kg plastic bag into a bucket.




  • Algae Powder
  • Algae Extract
  • Trace Elements
  • Vitamins
  • Growth Promotors

Nutritional Value (average value)

Protein:  50%
Lipids: 12%
Carbohydrates: 22%
Minerals:   8%
Moisture:   8%


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