Marine Algae



Rotifer Culture & Enrichment Diet, Green Water Technique in the Larva Rearing Tanks.

Particle Size

2-4 microns.


Liquid, dark green in color.

Physical Properties

Concentration: 70 billion cells per ml minimum.
100% water suspendable. It is ideal for feeding rotifers.
The product does not pollute the water due to its excellent water stability.

Feeding Regime

1. Rotifer Culture & Enrichment:
Feed 0.8-0.12 g/106 rot. day, four feedings per day.

2. Green Water: 40 ppm daily, divided in two portions.

Food Preparation

Shake well before use. Feed directly.


Store in the refrigerator (5°C) for one year.
Once opened, consume the product within
one week.


5 kg bottle.



  • 100% Marine Algae

Nutritional Value(average value)

Protein: 45%
Lipids: 25%
Carbohydrates: 20%
Minerals: 10%
EPA: 70 mg/g DW
DHA: 10 mg/g DW
(n-3) HUFAS: 100 mg/g DW


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