Freeze Dried
Marine Algae Powder



Green water technique in marine fish or shrimp larva.
Partial or complete phytoplankton replacement can be achieved.

Particle Size

95% below 4-20 microns.


Very fine dry powder, dark green in color.

Physical Properties

It is well dispersed in the water with a particle size below 20 microns.
Due to its excellent water stability and buoyancy,
it always creates a clean water environment.

Feeding Regime

10 ppm daily, divided into two portions.

Food Preparation

In a bucket add 50-100 g ESSENTIAL
per litter of tap water.
Mix it in a fast speed blender for 2-3 minutes.
Feed directly.


Store in a cool place, below 30°C.


5 kg plastic bag into a bucket.




Algae and Algae extract balanced blend.

Nutritional Value

Protein:  35%
Lipids: 22%
Carbohydrates: 25%
Minerals:  13%
Moisture:   5%
(n-3) HUFAs:  80 mg/g DW
EPA:   9
DHA:   62
Energy:  435 kcal/100 g


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