The Best of the Best
Artemia Cysts



Highest Quality Artemia Cysts for the Early Stages of Marine Fish Larva.

Technical Characteristics

Cyst Density: 300.000 cysts per gram.
Cyst Diameter: 230 microns.
Nauplii Length: 420 microns.
Hatching Percentage: 90%
Hatching Efficiency: 270.000 nauplii per gram.


Keep the product in the refrigerator (2-5oC).
1-2 days before hatching, put the product at room temperature to avoid temperature shock.


4.25 g aluminium cans, 5.1 kg per carton.

Hatching Conditions

1. Illumination: 2.000 Lux mix. on the surface
of the tank

2. Salinity: 25-40 ppt

3. Temperature: 25-30oC

4. pH: 7.5-8.5

5. Duration: 20-24 h

6. Aeration: Moderate point aeration

7. Density: 1-2 kg cysts per m3

Nauplii Separation

1. Close the aeration.

2. Close the light by covering the tank.

3. Wait for a few minutes.

4. Start the harvesting very slowly.

5. At the end of the harvesting you make
an easy separation.


Nutritional Value(average value)

Protein: 55%
Lipids: 18%
Carbohydrates: 16%
Minerals: 6%
Moisture: 5%
(n-3) HUFAS: 15 mg/g


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